Gustav Krause

Starting out as a hobby in 2005, I took my first steps in 3DSMax 5 while modding Warcraft 3: ROC & TFT.
Focusing on my “A-levels” and, after that,  initially pursuing a career as a lawyer, unfortunately took me away from that for quite some time though.

My constant wish for breaking into the vfx industry however made me move to Kiel in 2010, where I worked at 3Dfactory as 3d generalist for almost three years.
Afterwards I attended the “BEST-Sabel school for design” in Berlin to further my skills.
Meanwhile I worked part-time at bloomimages, where I completed my internship in 2015.

In August 2016 I graduated as “officially recognized 3D artist” and am now searching for employment.

If you are interested in reading my résumé, viewing my certificate of work or want to hire me, please e-mail me.


Programs I work with